Youth coach


The youth coach who listens

Just like adults, young people can face many problems in their lives. The experience of young people is completely different. As a youth coach I can help with problems of children in their teen years to young adults.

Because young people often think differently from adults and because their perception of the world looks different, many of them find it difficult to call in help. They often hide problems in their own environment. For example, out of shame. Going to an adult is often a step too far for them. What they need is someone to listen to them. Someone who understands them without judging.

My goal is not only to provide appropriate help to teenagers and young people through my knowledge and experience. First and foremost, I provide a safe place. I create an environment where they feel safe, comfortable and understood. So that they dare to talk openly and honestly about their problems. Creating a relationship of trust is crucial. From there I work on troubleshooting. Every young person is different. That is why I always use customization, based on my training as a youth coach and years of experience.

When do you call in a youth coach?

Many young people fall between two stools. They face problems that they do not know how to deal with. At the same time, the problems are not such that they call for the help of a psychologist. Another possibility is that there is resistance to a psychologist. Because this feels like a step too far. “I’m not crazy, am I?” or “There is nothing wrong with me, is there?” As a youth coach, these are comments that I hear regularly. Seeking help is not easy. For young people, this often feels like a weakness or failure. I’m here to shatter that thought. There are so many problems and challenges that young people, teenagers and young adults can struggle with. These are legitimate problems for them that they cannot solve themselves, but where a coach can help. Think of the following problems for which you can enlist my help:

  • Being bullied
  • Uncertainty about appearance
  • Fear of failure
  • Low self-esteem
  • Struggles With Sexual Orientation
  • Problems at home or with parents
  • Loneliness
  • Wrong friends, a wrong environment or involvement with the police / justice
  • Depressed feelings
  • Uncertainty about the future
  • Social fears
  • Performance Pressure
  • Pressure through social media
  • Cyberbullying

These are just a few examples of situations in which you engage a youth coach. When teenagers, young people or young adults have the feeling that they cannot solve it themselves, or when their environment notices that there may be a problem, a specialized coach can help.

Why I started specializing as a youth coach

With my coaching practice ICOACH4U I specialize in coaching two specific target groups: women and young people (including young adults). I have deliberately chosen these specializations. I believe that you can offer the best help and support when you really feel a connection with something. As a mother I experience the challenges of children up close. Being a youth coach feels like a calling.

Of course you need knowledge and experience for any form of coaching. I am therefore a certified youth coach and I have all the skills needed to be able to apply coaching in general. I have chosen to mainly deal with young people because this is a target group that is not always fully understood. Because young people have a very specific experience and they are confronted with problems and challenges that many adults are not aware of, they deserve attention. Moreover, as a youth coach, I do not only focus on the young clients themselves. In many situations, attention is also needed for the parents. Either because parents and children do not understand each other, or because parents feel powerless or there is conflict within the family. A youth coach is therefore also a family coach in many ways. I always look at the bigger picture.

As I just wrote, I believe that there are often no good solutions for young people. Either they are left to their own, or the help that is available is too “heavy”. With my coaching for youth, I want to prevent them from falling between two stools. Because then the problems will only get worse.

Youth Coach for Teens to Young Adults

As a youth coach I am available for coaching teenagers, young people and young adults. Because even though young people are regarded as adults from the age of 18; life often presents them with considerable challenges. The coaching of young people often concerns social issues, but also uncertainty about the future, such as not knowing what they want or depressed feelings about study and work.

Being a youth coach really appeals to me because you work with people who have one leg in their youth and one leg in their adult life. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to help young people and young adults to overcome their problems so that they can live happily and confidently in life.

My method

My working method is characterized by flexibility. I always strive to work in a way that completely suits the client. Thanks to my knowledge, experience and broad education, I am always able to provide an approach that feels pleasant and that offers results. Whether it’s just a good conversation, concrete handles, breaking boundaries or spirituality: together we always choose the right method. I coach intuitively. Knowledge is crucial, but feeling is just as important.

Of course, that starts with a good introduction. When I am called in as a youth coach, I think it is important to build a bond. A bond based on respect, trust and understanding. We don’t need to take the deep dive immediately. The approach depends entirely on the person, situation and problems. As a result, you also notice that some young people need a few sessions and others require a longer process.

Schedule a no-obligation introduction

Do you have the idea that your son or daughter is getting stuck or struggling with problems that he/she cannot solve and that you as a parent do not know how to deal with? Contact me and schedule a no-obligation introduction. Come alone, together with your son or daughter or let him/her come alone. Whatever seems best to you. In any case, you are not committed to anything and I am happy to have a non-binding and exploratory conversation in which all questions can be asked and I will explain what I can mean as a youth coach.

Free introductory meeting

The 30 minute meeting is free of charge