Women’s coach & youth coach

"Turn your wounds into wisdom" - Oprah Winfrey

Astrid Mohamedhoesein - Women's coach & youth coach

Astrid Mohamedhoesein

The holistic Women's coach & youth coach in Almere

Welcome to ICOACH4U. My name is Astrid Mohamedhoesein. I am a youth coach and women's coach with a passion for my job. I am a holistic coach, meaning  that I always use a broad approach. Body and soul are connected. They influence each other. I keep a broad scope in my coaching. Of course we address the core of your problem. My added value is working on all aspects of your life.

My practice is located in Almere, but I coach women and young people from all over the region. I guide you through all the challenges that prevent you from getting the most out of life. I do this through knowledge, experience and intuitive coaching. I do this with 1:1 coaching and online coaching. When it comes to women's coaching, depending on the challenges, the partner will possibly join in certain sessions. In the case of youth coaching, the parents are also welcome if this is desirable in the situation.

Women's coach

I help women to get the most out of their lives. I don't just look at the challenges you have, but also at the bigger picture. That's my holistic and systemic view. I therefore do not only focus on your complaints or challenges, but look at the connection between all your (life) areas. Think about your education, career, family, relationships, health, finances, hobbies, social life and so on.

Youth coach

Young people are often overlooked. Or misunderstood. That should be different. In me, young people (teenagers and young adults) find someone who does listen. Someone who understands them and doesn't judge them or tell them what they should and shouldn't do. I am a confidant and help young people overcome their problems.

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"Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher" – Oprah Winfrey

You can be there.
You can make yourself heard.
You can feel.
You can love yourself.
You can show yourself.
To me, but also to the world.

Only when you can see yourself and connect with yourself, can you really see that with the other and the other.