Online coaching

Online coaching

Online coaching

Since the corona pandemic, we have become increasingly accustomed to alternatives to physical appointments. That also counts for me. In addition to 1:1 coaching in my practice, I also offer online coaching. I would like to tell you more about that on this page. Are you interested in online coaching? Then simply schedule a free introductory meeting. This can of course also be done via video calling.

Why I offer online coaching

As I wrote in the introduction: non-physical appointments have become very common for more and more people. We don’t all go to the office every day anymore. One of the first changes you noticed in that area was that the traditional meeting was increasingly replaced by a video meeting. We now have all the means to do this perfectly. And guess what? It works. Just like online coaching and that’s why I offer this.

For me too, a lot changed during corona. Even before that time, I already offered clients the option of online coaching. For various reasons. For some it was more convenient because of the distance. My practice is located in Almere, but I also work with people outside the region. Online coaching has always been a perfect solution for them.

But now people choose online coaching for many more reasons. Whether it’s time and distance or perhaps a mental barrier to step outside the door and visit the coach: online coaching is now just as popular as it is face to face. And in a sense, with video coaching you are of course face to face when you book an online coaching session. But there are differences and I would like to pay attention to that.

What is important in online coaching

As you can read about me, I am a women’s coach and youth coach who combines knowledge with feeling. I coach intuitively, but always with my knowledge (gained through recognized training courses) as a basis. Intuitive coaching means really seeing, feeling and hearing each other. Is that possible with online coaching? Yes. Otherwise I wouldn’t offer you this option.

Also as your online coach I really want to get to know you. It is my goal to guarantee openness and intimacy via a screen, as I do in my practice. That is why I always offer online coaching in the form of video calling. It’s important to see each other. One of the mottos I apply is: “What you don’t say is just as important as what you do say.” In short: I pay attention to body language and non-verbal communication, atmosphere and signals. That is why I also want to be able to make that connection with you remotely.

For online coaching it is therefore important that you can communicate well and that you feel comfortable with it. I now have many years of experience as an online coach, so I guarantee you good communication. In practice, you notice that online coaching also ensures that people feel at ease. I have often experienced that people – especially in the beginning – found it a bit scary to get started with a coach. A video call with me in a trusted place can make you feel more at ease. And the more you feel at ease, the more open you dare to be, the faster we get to the core and the more results we will achieve.

How does online coaching work?

Online coaching starts with an intake. In this first meeting we get to know each other and discuss your challenges, wishes and goals. We will then work on this in video sessions. I make a plan for you in advance, but we also determine the approach partly based on what we encounter during the online coaching.

Coaching takes place via a secure video connection. We always agree on a time that suits you. Those can be fixed days and times. We often maintain fixed intervals between sessions. This can be, for example, weekly or biweekly. But I always look for what you need. Just like with coaching in my practice, we talk in confidence, but you also get to work with feedback, tips and exercises to overcome your obstacles.

Most people take at least five sessions, because this is simply necessary to achieve results. You may also need a longer route. Whatever the case may be: everything starts with an introduction, so….

Just contact me without obligation

Does online coaching sound like something to you? Just contact me without obligation. You can always email or call me, or request a free introductory meeting directly below. We do this via the video connection, so that you immediately have a feeling for video coaching / online coaching.

Free introductory meeting

The 30 minute meeting is free of charge